Putting out my Shingle.

It’s harder than it looks. Besides, it’s hard to be objective when you are completely broke. Yes, broke. My unemployment is in a state of near-limbo because I also worked in another state, and that other state’s data is needed to calculate how much I get paid. I’m so broke that I couldn’t even go to work if they offered me work. My cat has run out of catfood, I’m overdrawn at the bank, I  owe a loan payment for a big loan I took out to pay off a large debt. (No regrets about that, I at least own my bed now).

Well, Saturn is squaring my Moon until next week. No problems with women, but my fiinances are spinning backwards lately. (Moon rules my Eighth). Other people’s money).

In any event, a full personal interpretation (delivered electronically) is $75.00 via Paypal (hit the button),. Lesser charts are $6.66. If you want a printed and mailed copy, send me another $5.00 so I can print it out.

I need time, place, date, and whatever you care concerned about.

513-250-0530 (text only)









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